Baptism is the first of the sacraments of initiation into the Catholic Church. 

For more information about the Sacrament of Baptism please click here.

Children before the age of discernment (7 years old) cannot on their own proclaim their personal faith.

This faith is proclaimed for them by their Parents and Godparents, who represent both the local Church and the whole society of saints and believers: "The Church is at once the mother of all and the mother of each." (St. Augustine)

Because of the natural relationship, parents have a more important ministry and role in the Baptism of infants than the godparents. A child may have a Godfather and a Godmother.  A Baptism may occur with only one Godparent.  That Godparent must be practicing and a  fully initiated Catholic.

Practical Things

Information needed for the interview:

  1. The Parents or Legal Guardians should be present
  2. A copy of the child’s Birth Certificate from the County
  3. Parent’s/Guardian's address, phone number and marital status (single, married in Church or civilly)
  4. Names of Godparents

For Parents

  • Contact the Parish Office during business hours.  You will be given a date for an appointment and the time of the interview; both Parents must attend.
  • For the interview you must have a copy of the child's County Issued Birth Certificate in your possession.
  • If appropriate, you will be signed up for the Baptismal Preparation Class (these are held one evening a month). Both the Father and the Mother of the baby are required to attend these Classes; if the Godparents live within the Parish boundaries, they must attend these Classes also. If they do not live within the Parish boundaries, they must attend the Baptismal Preparation Classes at their Parish. 

Preparation for your child's Baptism may be made before the birth.  For the Pre-baptismal preparation video in spanish click here.
Once the County issued Birth Certificate has been obtained and all preparation has been completed, then a date may be set.

Godparents who are from another Parish must complete a "Sponsor for Baptism Form".  This form will need to be filled out, signed  by the Pastor, have the Parish Seal, and then returned to us. If the interview and Baptismal Preparation Class take place before the birth of the child, a copy of the County issued Birth Certificate must be obtained and submitted to the Parish Office before the date of the Baptism can be set.

For Godparents

The role of the Godparent is to help their Godchild lead a Christian life. Also, if the Parents are not be able to fulfill their responsibility any longer, the Godparents will ensure the Christian upbringing of the Child.

Requirements for being a Godparent:

  • The Godparent must be Catholic,
  • must have received all 3 Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation),
  • be in good standing with the Catholic Church,
  • faithfully practice his/her faith actively,
  • and if married, must be married in the Catholic Church.

If the Godparent is not married and has a live-in partner, such a person is not acceptable for the role of a Godparent! If a person is a Christian, but not a Catholic, he/she can only be a Christian Witness to the Baptism, but not a Godparent!  (please  note that a Baptized Catholic, not practicing the Catholic Faith does not qualify as a Christian Witness). Non-baptized persons cannot be either a Godparent or a Christian Witness.  None the less, there must be at least one Catholic Godparent. 

Once the requirements are met, the date for Baptism will be scheduled.


Contact the Parish Office if you have any questions.