Sacred Scripture begins with the creation and union of man and woman and ends with "the wedding feast of the Lamb" (Rev 19:7, 9). Scripture often refers to marriage, its origin and purpose, the meaning God gave to it, and its renewal in the covenant made by Jesus with his Church.  Man and woman were created for each other.

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Marriage Preparation Process

Preparing for marriage can take time, especially for the paperwork that must be completed, which at times takes weeks to get. Therefore, before you put a date to the wedding, you have to make sure that you have fulfilled all the requirements to receive the Sacrament of Marriage.

- Call the office at least six months before the date of the wedding in order to receive directions on what paperwork is needed. 
- Complete the marriage preparation which consist on six meetings with the priest.

Necessary Documents

- Baptism Certificate with anotations. This means that it has to be recent, no more than 6 months.
- First Communion Certificate.
- Confirmation Certificate.

- If you were married before, you will also need a copy of the Declaration of the Annulment or a copy of your former spouse's death certificate. 

- A civil marriage license must be submitted the Parish Office 2 weeks prior to your wedding date, to the attention of your wedding coordinator. Please include the envelope that comes with it.

Sacrament of Confession

As part of the preparation for their marriage, we encourage Catholics to receive the Sacrament of Confession the week previous to their wedding, according to the schedule for Confessions at their parish.